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Medicilon IP Policy

General Intellectual Property Policies

Shanghai Medicilon Inc has established rules, regulations and protocol (SOP) to handle Intellectual Property protection. Employees are required to undergo training in the respect and privacy of intellectual property. Employees are expected to follow the Good Laboratory Notebook guidelines which are in turn, enforced by regular intellectual property and Notebook audits. Furthermore, audit results tied to performance review of staff as an additional safeguard. All employee contracts include confidentiality agreements.

Electronic Data Privacy Policies

1: CD and DVD burners are not installed.
2: Electronic Data (including but not limited to Words, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ISIS, ChemDraw, and analytical data) stored on the network are segregated based on project teams and access level.
3: Firewall protection on network resource.
4: Physical security to facility controlled by badge/card-key access

All staff involved in the processing of scientific data are required to operate within the above boundaries of electronicsuse.

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